Wallace sketching overlooking the Sea of Galilee in the Holy Land
Wallace Cuthbertson was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1930.

He had no formal art training at school or thereafter. At 18 he was interested in the watercolour work of a friend who sketched and painted on every occasion (no digital cameras in those days). He was shown various techniques and then told "get on with it!" A sketch book and paints were duly purchased and that was that. The early sketches and paintings have not been included in this website!

Training as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor helped him with the drawing of buildings and fortunately his association with Discovery Cruising, a Christian Sailing Training charity, enabled him to sketch and paint all over the West Coast of Scotland.

Wallace takes his sketch book and watercolours on all his travels which over the years has accumulated a collection of charming images from Australia to Tennessee in addition to a body of work covering the Western Isles, Mainland Scotland and England.

He lives with his wife Val in Stirlingshire, Scotland.